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Peter Tichbon is an experienced group benefit specialist who knows how to navigate the complex world of group insurance options to ensure you receive the best group benefit plan at the best price. All plans are customized to the needs of your organization and your employees.

Why Group Benefits?

67% of employees seek out companies with group benefits

Retaining Staff

Studies show that a good benefits plan retains staff longer

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We’d love to take a look at how we can help you create a more appealing financial environment for your teams, with the help of the right group benefits insurance plan. To get started with a free, no-obligation quotation, just fill in this convenient form.

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What We Offer

Group Life

Group Life

Group life insurance is often provided as part of a complete employee benefit package and helps to attract and retain essential staff.

Group Health

Group Health

Canadians enjoy the benefits of publicly funded health care system, but there are many areas the provincial plan doesn’t cover.

Group Dental

Group Dental

Variety of coverage and co-payment options enable you to customize your plan based on your group’s needs and your budget.



Disability supports employees by ensuring that their income is protected should they suffer an accident or disability.

Employee Assistance

Employee Assistance

An EAP provides plan members with a variety of resources and support for challenges they will face in their life.

Group Retirement

Group Retirement

A high-value benefit that can attract and retain key employees, easy to set up and launch and simple to manage.

The Ultimate HR Investment

Offering Group Benefits does a lot more than just help to attract and retain quality talent. You protect your valuable employees. You get higher productivity and greater employee satisfaction. It’s a tax-effective way to compensate your teams. And it’s a way to ensure that your business is seen as a high quality workplace environment.

  • Up to 56% of employees choose benefits over higher salary
  • Reduce your taxes effortlessly
  • 80% of workers state that benefits help them stay
  • Employee contributions come out of their pre-tax wages

Custom Plans Built Around your Needs and Requirements

You’ll be surprised to find out how affordable a Group Benefits Plan can be. On top of providing your staff with a high value compensation that many workers prefer over a raise, the cost of those benefits is completely tax deductible. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quotation.

Employers provide some group benefits
Workers say benefits are important
Businesses say it is easier to recruit
Workers say benefits help them stay
Some Key Statistics

At a Glance

As independent brokers, we can provide you with the best options

Wide range of Group Insurance providers

Canada Life
Empire Life
Equitable Life
Pacific Blue Cross
RBC Insurance
Sun Life

How Much Coverage Will I Need?

There are a wide range of options, and we can design a structure that works within any budget requirements. You can adjust how much you as the employer contributes, and how much your employees contribute towards each kind of group coverage. You can choose the types of coverage you want. Get started by requesting a free, no-obligation quote and discover how you can help enhance your workplace.

Claims can be submitted

quickly and easily

Your employees can usually submit their claims online, and can even be reimbursed with instant online payments directly to their bank accounts.

What others are saying about us

Great Communications

Peter has simply been awesome! He works tirelessly to keep our Group Benefit premiums low by negotiating the best rates with insurance companies on our behalf. He is so easy to communicate with and we highly recommend him.

OnPoint Personnel Inc.
Complete Confidence

Peter quickly reviewed our situation, saved us money, and provides a high level of service that gives us complete confidence that our Group Benefits are taken care of. His market awareness and knowledge are unsurpassed, and he responds immediately when contacted.

Mountain Fire Protection
Highly Recommended

Peter Tichbon is hands down the most reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy Group Benefits Advisor around. I highly recommend him. He took the time to explain the different options and, in the end, provided us with the best coverage at the lowest rate.

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Let’s Talk

There are a great many options for you to choose from, and a wide variety of ways to structure your group plan for optimal tax savings and staff satisfaction.

What happens next?

Getting in touch with us is pain free. You will not be put on a contact list. You will not be hassled. There is absolutely no obligation or pressure when you chat with me about your options. I’ll give you the straight goods and leave you to decide what you want to do. If you choose to engage with our services, we look after you with regular monitoring and review sessions.