Health employees are your most valuable asset. When you create a safe and healthy company culture, employees notice, which in turn reduces turnover, decreases absenteeism, improves morale, increases productivity and happiness in the workplace, decreases workers’ compensation claims and increases employee engagement. That’s where EAP, or Employee Assistance Programs, come in.


All insurance companies have partnered with an employee assistance provider where help is just a phone call away for all plan members and their families on the Group Benefit plan.

These services offer expert assistance for a full range of personal issues including, but not limited to: stress, martial/family/separation issues, depression, sexual problems, personality conflicts, self-esteem problems, alcohol and drug abuse, personal adjustment problems, psychological disorders, anger management, retirement planning, financial advice, aging parents/eldercare concerns, sexual harassment, gambling addiction, conflict resolution and bereavement. Employee assistance providers also provide employee and family counseling services, crisis management, e-Learning, health coaching, leadership development, psychological assessments and other services.

85% agree that employees with mental health conditions will be just as productive as other employees if they have the right support. Mental illness affects all of us at times, whether it is through a family member, friend or co-worker. This causes more absenteeism and less productivity in the workplace.


An EAP provides plan members with resources and support for challenges they will face in their life. The program is 100% confidential and can be used by the plan member and all their dependents (spouse and children).

Larger employers often have their own, on-site, services so for smaller companies without this service, adding an EAP program to your Group Benefit plan is a great cost-efficient resource to provide to your employees.

EAP programs are usually provided as optional benefit coverage with your Group Benefit Plan. Typically, a basic EAP is $3.00 a month per plan member and a more comprehensive EAP is $4.50 a month per plan member.

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