Group Dental coverage is the most requested forms of group insurance when it comes to structuring a Group Benefit plan. The 2019 Sanofi Canada health-care survey revealed Dental benefits was ranked one of the most important benefits for plan members followed by prescription drug coverage and vision coverage.

In order to attract and retain the best staff Dental benefits must be a key component of your Group Benefit plan. There are a variety of coverage and coinsurance options available which allow you to customize your Dental plan based on your group’s needs and budget. Typically, Group Dental plans have an 80% coinsurance and a yearly maximum ranging from $1,000 to $1,500.

Dental Coverage Options

There are three options for Dental Coverage: Basic Dental, Major Dental and Orthodontics. Basic Dental services include all necessary services by a dentist such as dental examinations, x rays, oral hygiene, cleanings, filings, scaling, fluoride treatment, periodontics and endodontics as well as root canal therapy. Major restorative dental includes coverage for dentures, crowns, inlays, onlays and bridgework. Orthodontic coverage is for procedures such as braces, wires and other aesthetic services, typically this is just for children under 21 and not adults.

Accidental Dental

Each Group Benefit plan also includes accidental dental coverage. This coverage will cover any dental treatment required as a result of an accidental blow to the head or mouth. The treatment should be sought within 90 days following the accident.

Importance of Dental Coverage

Having Dental coverage as part of a comprehensive Group Benefit plan ensures your most valuable asset, your employees, are taken care of. Employees value this coverage to ensure their own health and the health of their family. Dental benefits will not only help you retain your current staff, reducing turnover but will also help you attract the best candidates. When interviewing for jobs most prospective employees will take the company’s group benefit plan into consideration, specifically the Dental coverage.

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